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who am I?

who am I?           reply
18/11/2008 23:42 - Introduce Yourself

I am Marta, and I´m quite new here.
I find this website very useful and full of information. It is very important for me as I am non-Irish :D. As I´m Polish I try to know as much as I can about Ireland, culture, habits, tradition, everything what I can not read from books. About real life. It helps me to communicate with "my" parents and children as well as advice them when they look for help, share with them new ideas and just better understand each other.

Many thanks for this website!


re : who am I?           reply
05/12/2008 14:48 - Introduce Yourself
Hello Martha, me, my parents and siblings had the same problem as yourself, that is trying to now more about Ireland. DO NOT WORRY, the Irish people are civilized individuals. I am not Irish, I´m from Libya. They welcomed us with open arms. Believe me the best way to understand Irelands culture and tradition is to get to now the Irish people themselves. Socialize with the teachers, the mothers of your childrens friends(invite them for a cup of tea), or even with your Irish neighbours. Invite them to your son/daughters birthday. I really hope I´ve some way helped you. May Ireland open many doors for you. Good day.

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