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what would you do?

re : what would you do?           reply
10/11/2009 16:08 - Ask Mother Hen
hi girl i would be very odd over this it is unfair to put her sitting with 2 boys and another girl just becuse you have a english accent you are a normal person. when the other girl goes out to the playground she will play with her friends that she made when she started is hard for someone new to mingle with other kids, i have a six year old who is getting very clingy to me if i bring him into school he want to come home with me i just tell him he will be fine. have you spoken to other parents and see if they have the same problems? i really hope you get it sorted you dont want her not wanting to go to school that is all you need good luck. dee from cork

what would you do?           reply
06/11/2009 20:14 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin North)
My daughter started junior infants in september.the teacher has recently moved her onto a table with 3 boys and one girl, the girl doesn´t want to know her in the playground as she has her own friends and siblings.My daughter is an only child. She has not had a chance to bond with any girls yet as she was between 2 boys when she started, and is now struggling in the school yard.I have asked the teacher to move her twice now, just any girl to bond with, but her response is "She´ll find her own way" I asked why she had put her on this table and from what I can gather is that she is a non national.I´m english but my husband and her are irish, and she has lots of irish family here.I think she heard my accent and assumed that I´d moved here with an english man. It´s obvious from what I can see that the girls on the other tables are friends. I don´t work so I´m there to drop her off and pick her up and I can see that girls have palled up but don´t seem to want to know my daughter. I´m worried sick and don´t know what to do now

re : what would you do?           reply
09/11/2009 10:33 - Ask Mother Hen
You sound worried sick - try to relax. Often, as parents, we think that our child is suffering and thinking the same thoughts as us and this is not always the case. Your daughter may be happy enough as she is.
The first thing that I would advise is to talk to your daughter. Try to have this little chat in an informal way, maybe while the two of you are enjoying time together. Try to find out how she is feeling. Ask her who she likes best in her class etc., to try to get a feeling for the girls she likes. If she is unhappy then try to find out why. She will tell you if she doesn´t like the table she is at and if so, then you can chat to the teacher again. It may turn out that she is happy enough and you can leave that as it is.
You can also help to get her to become a pal of some of the girls. When you know the girl/girls she would like to befriend, you can always give a little note to them to give to their parents asking if they could come on a ´play date´ with your daughter after school. You can pick them up after school and bring them to your house. Better still, if the mother or father of the girl picks up from school also, you could initiate a chat with them and get to know the parent. This will make inviting their daughter for a ´play date´ easier and also help the friendship between the children.
I hope this helps - please let me know how you get on

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