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unsupervised in clasroom

re : unsupervised in clasroom           reply
16/06/2011 14:36 - Miscellaneous
Teachers always do this is every school. I think it´s allowed once there is a teacher keeping an eye. I remember something did happen when I was in primary school but teachers always arrived on the scene in a jiffy.

re : unsupervised in clasroom           reply
21/01/2011 16:06 - Miscellaneous
I remember my teacher doing this to us in primary school. She would disappear and for a while there would be silence, thereafter chaos, where I´d get bullied and thumped.

I can see where a teacher might need a legitimate toilet break, or perhaps has children of their own. However, even as a child, I assumed our teacher had gone to the staff room to have a coffee...

In any case, it depends how long they are unsupervised for and what is happening during that time. If the class silently works away, fine, but if there are other things going on, it really is not so good.

re... : unsupervised in clasroom           reply
19/06/2011 18:39 - Miscellaneous
I don´t think a class should be left unattended. I´m studying to be a teacher myself and I certainly wouldn´t leave the class without supervision. From my own time at school I can only say it leads to disruption and bullying.

unsupervised in clasroom           reply
12/01/2011 01:29 - Miscellaneous
i Have a child in 4th class in primary school and on occassion the class is left unsupervised by the teacher for a period of time. an other classroom is next to it and she asks that teacher to check in but I´m wondering if this is legal or is it a breach of the teachers duty of care to her pupils. I have told the teacher and principle of my concerns but have been told this is sometimes neccessary and unavoidable. I´m worried in case something were to happen and nobody is there.

re... : unsupervised in clasroom           reply
21/06/2011 11:24 - Miscellaneous
If a teacher is on yard duty, they take their break after,teacher next door keeps an eye. Not a breach of duty of care.

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