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teenagers           reply
20/10/2010 16:41 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi I had a meeting this morning with my son´s class teacher.She brought me in because she said a lot of his teachers were concerned that he is not doing homework and is very uninterested in some of his classes.I know my son is inteligent but has a very short attention span as i pointed out to his teacher. She then told me that he has become very withdrawn and quiet and gone into himself and that a few of his teachers have noticed this change in him,I haven´t noticed this change, though he is more vulgar in his language at home ,but I have been putting this down to hormones and been part of growing up. Should I be worried or is this normal behaviour.I asked my son and he said that everything was ok at school.. Help!!

re : teenagers           reply
20/10/2010 19:34 - Ask Mother Hen
If this is a sudden change in behaviour (and my understanding is that it is), then you should try to check out what is causing this. Make time with your son to have casual chats. The car is a good place to do this when you are dropping or collecting him for somewhere. Don´t bombard him with questions - he will just close down, but rather, chat casually and be patient. Build the connection and then you can dig a litte deeper to see if anything is bothering him.
With regard to language and moodiness, while we are all aware that teenagers go through a lot of changes, it is still important that your son is respectful to you. This is one of the ´golden rules´ and you should insist on respect. There is an article on this site about the subject of respect - see to view the full article.
Let us know how this goes & the best of luck!

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