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talking to school about nut allergie ?

re... : talking to school about nut allergie ?           reply
12/01/2009 16:53 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for the replys...I have spoken to the school and althought the don´t have any children in the school with a nut allergy at the moment them have said they are willing to go ´nut free´ :)
I have a meeting this month to go over the procedures and medication.
My biggest worry now is the other parents and other kids lunches..but thanks to your replys i feel a lot more relexed and confident that if i send out information to them and they understand the severity they will be willing to help !!

re : talking to school about nut allergie ?           reply
26/11/2008 14:36 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Prada
I´d imagine quite a lot of schools have nut free policies now. Our own does, Carysfort National School, and I know parents don´t have any issues with it. I would imagine the bigger the school, the better the case for the nut free policy as there are likely to be more kids who have the allergy and therefore a bigger safety issue.

re : talking to school about nut allergie ?           reply
28/11/2008 11:52 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Prada, There are lots of children with allergies going to mainstream school. My advice here would be to contact the principal and let him/her know about your son´s allergy. It may seem like a lot to ask but it´s not uncommon and as the previous poster said, her school already had a policy in place. The fact that you have a child in the school already, you have a relationship with them.

It´s also vital that you explain to your child about his nut allergy. It´s important that he only eats food from his own lunch box and drinks the drink you give him. While the school may implement the policy, it´s up to the goodwill of other parents not to give nuts to their children.

Good Luck!

re : talking to school about nut allergie ?           reply
12/01/2009 13:33 - Ask Mother Hen
my kids go to the educate together and they also have a "nut free" policy whereby children are not allowed to bring any foods containing nuts or even traces of nuts for their lunch!
at break time the teacher/sna check the kids lunch just to make sure this is the case. if a child is found with such a thing, the parent of the offending lunch item is notified after school and reminded (not harshly) of the reason why their child is not allowed nuts in school!
you should speak with the principal of the school and make him/her aware of the seriosness of the situation should your son have anything containing nuts! ask him/her what he thinks you should do about it! ask him/her in the event that something would happen to your son during school hours due to accidently having something containing nuts, what he/she would do!
in the school my kids went to. they had a picture of the child with the nut allergy posted on the staffroom wall for all the teachers to see and with a list of instructions of what to do in the event that something should happen to this child. the parents also gave the school the medication that the child has to take should anything happen them!
this isnt a reason why your child shouldnt go to the same school as his brother! if proper procedures are put in place for such a thing, then your child will be ok there!
ask the principal if there is any other child in the school with the same allergy or another allergy and how they deal with that!
i am sure your son is not alone on this!

talking to school about nut allergie ?           reply
26/11/2008 12:23 - Ask Mother Hen
hi Mr Hen..My son is due to start primary school in sept ´09. He has a severe nut allergy but would love to go to the same school as his older brother, How would you advise i approach the school about employing a nut free policy ? It is a lot to ask of them as it´s a largeish school but it would be impossable for my son to attend other wise.
thanks for you time

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