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sten tests

re : sten tests           reply
21/06/2012 18:07 - Ask Mother Hen
It depends, if the teacher thonks the child realy didn´t perform to the best of their ability they might choose to gove them the other form of the test, there is a form A and B, both have similar type questions and follow same format. This is not supposed to happen but I can understand why they might have felt the need to do it. Standarised testing is really only to get an idea of national averages, if the child does not ´perform´ on the day teachers do feel like they will be judged and it puts us and the children under a lot of pressure. Teachers know themselves what the child is capable of from assessment throughout the year but unfortunately the standardised test rest results are sometimes the only result some parents/schools are worried about!

sten tests           reply
13/06/2012 15:35 - Ask Mother Hen
hi i was wondering if anyone can help me my question is if a child scores low on a sten test is it normal for the teacher to let this child resit the test the next day

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