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photographer problem

photographer problem           reply
15/05/2007 13:13 - First Holy Communion
hi,can anyone tell me if it is normal procedure for parents to organize a photographer
on communion day,or are primary schools responsible for this.
this follows confusion recently where some kids missed their photos.
any similar experiences.

re... : photographer problem           reply
15/05/2007 15:22 - First Holy Communion
thanks for the reply orla,maybe it should be compulsary that all primary schools
have a responsibility to ensure an official photographer is present,to avoid any
repeat of this.

re... : photographer problem           reply
15/05/2007 16:28 - First Holy Communion
I really don´t think it would be fair on a school to make it their ´responsibility´ to have photographer present, for many reasons.
1. They wouldn´t please all parents with their choice of photographer.
2. Trying to organise a schedule for photographing children would take alot of organising (75 children made their Communion with my son).
3. Not everyone would want to have their pictures taken, especially now that so many people have digital cameras.
4. Imagine how much longer people would have to wait around.
5. Most photographers do weddings on Saturdays and would probably charge a fortune to attend a Communion and this expense would have to be passed on to the parents, by coming to the school during the week they probably charge alot less.

I´m sure the teachers are under enough pressure coming up to the big day without having to worry about photographers too, I think this is a responsibility that completely lies with the parents.

re : photographer problem           reply
15/05/2007 13:19 - First Holy Communion
How disappointing for some of the kids to miss their photos. No doubt all schools operate differently but our experience was that there was no ´official´ photographer on the day - parents just took their own. Instead the school organised the following week for all the kids in the communion classes to wear in their dress/suits and a photographer came to the school then to take photos - parents then had the option to purchase if they liked the photos.

re : photographer problem           reply
06/03/2011 16:07 - First Holy Communion
Hi John,

As a photographer myself I thought I may be able to help you on this topic.

I know that most schools used to offer photography services a few days after the ceremony day. This would normally be held in the school itself.
Unfortunately, this tradition has died out a bit. I tend to think it´s due to the recession and that so many parents own digital cameras these days. It also may be a case of so many of the older photography studios closing down.

What you´re left with is really a few different options.

You could take the photos yourself. Cheap and cheerful! Or else, if you wanted to go down the professional route and really mark the occasion you could visit a Photography Studio. Either on the day itself or anytime after! Another option would be to hire a photographer to come to the church on the day and get some shots that way too.

You´d probably be best off checking with your child´s school first and making sure that they don´t have anything in place already.

I hope this helps,


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