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parents association elections

parents association elections           reply
11/11/2013 09:55 - Parents Associations (Locality: Galway)
Committee just recently elected can chairperson be relative of of member of board of management ...

re... : parents association elections           reply
14/01/2015 12:39 - Parents Associations
I am unsure who you are directing this comment too. I have been on two PA, in case of Nat. School I was nominated by Parents and with respect to Secondary School I just turned up ie I put myself forward. I feel that it is sad that Parents don´t take a greater interest in what happens in Schools, unless it directly impacts their own children (eg bullying), especially given most Parents make sacrifices both in time and money to get their children educated. Moreover, I believe that PA ought to be more than fundraising organisation and have a say in the school, whereas presently its been my experience is they don´t. As parents we are the largest stakeholder in number and as our taxes pay for the education system, we make "voluntary contributions" and through PA´s fundraising, we are the largest financial contributor. (On the financial point, Schools are the only organisation, in general, I have ever come across which don´t provide annual accounts.) I am now a member of a BoM as Parents Nominee and although I don´t represent any group I am mindful of there are a variety of challenges each stakeholder faces.
Lastly, the BoM can request PA members to assist but there is no obligation for one to do anything for the school. Personally, I always try and help people out if I can, but I would say no, if I was busy.

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14/01/2015 15:53 - Parents Associations
BOM complain when parents do not attend meetings. But the thing is parents who do turn up, do not learn anything from the meetings, and therefore do not attend again.The BOM only tell you what they want, eg., Fundraising, and money, money, money. You always get the nasty comments, "you should attend, you might learn something". The BOM should be divulging information, but never do. Such as a School Plan!
Parent reps on the BOM automatically get a place on the PA, but should not hold an officer rule, as it is a Conflict of Interest. Which most parents do not understand. NPC website is helpful for information. My view is that the BOM parent reps should not have a place on the PA, as they take info back to BOM, but BOM give no info to PA. Foot in both camps!

re... : parents association elections           reply
13/01/2015 15:13 - Parents Associations
I was headhunted to be on PA, personally id little time in past to attend meetings, help out soon as I started part time work I got a phonecall from BOM...unfort it was/is proving alot of work...unfort parents dont/perhaps cant attend, fear of getting a job!! A member of ours has been 6mths trying to replace as too much of a role...
did you attend the elections? Or put yourself forward?

re : parents association elections           reply
13/01/2015 14:55 - Parents Associations
There is no restrictions that I am aware of anyone being a member of the PA, I think that been an officer on PA and on the BoM is discouraged. Recently had a discussion regarding parental involvement in education with an ex-chairperson of BoM and it was their contention that parents are not interested in their children education(welfare) as when they were chairperson it was very difficult to get anyone to attend meeting pertaining to the school. This maybe the reason that a relative of the BoM is on the PA and been elected to role of a PA chairperson maybe on merit! However, PA is only a support organisation and has no say whatsoever in the school although it maybe consulted at the discretion of the BoM. The BoM in religious schools is made up of 2 teacher nominees (elected), 2 parent nominees (elected) and the rest are recruited via nepotism and cronyism. Cronyism is not necessarily a bad thing for example if you wanted to get a lift to a local town you probably feel safer asking a friend/relative than hitching on the side of the road. However, it has obvious down sides.

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16/01/2015 10:12 - Parents Associations
Sambb has highlighted a number of factual and valid points. I would disagree with regarding been on PA and BoM as I would being on both myself. In opinion, having had children in schools for the last ten years, as Sam rightly points out, the BoM don´t given information to PA, bar a few diktats which were about fundraising, and money, money, money. I do know my experience is not reflective of all schools. To me the welfare and education of children are why parents should be involved with PA´s/BoMs, fundraising is a way of endorsing your support for the school.
I am trying my best to ensure parents get access to all the information they are entitled too eg the Agreed Report. As well as providing them with copies of submissions I have made to the BoM on bullying and weight of schoolbags etc... The vast majority of what happens on the BoM is confidential and I believe, inappropriate for general circulation. All members on the BoM are nominees and are precluded from representing any stakeholder. So sorry to be pedantic but the Parents Reps are not Reps but Nominees are not allowed to represent Parents.
I have been requesting to see the School Plan since 2011.

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