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re... : newbie           reply
06/05/2009 16:26 - Introduce Yourself
My apologies Suzi-Suz. When I posted the last post, your user name was not visible, so I thought you were using the name ´newbie´. Best of luck and a warm welcome, Suzi-Suz.

newbie           reply
06/05/2009 14:29 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Meath)
Hi all,

i am from Meath...i have 2 children a boy and a girl . i may be able to answer some questions that anyone may have about the pre-schools and national schools in the area so feel free to ask...

happy posting guys

re... : newbie           reply
06/05/2009 17:27 - Introduce Yourself
thank you...and just to respond i dont work in the schools´s or pre-school´s but i have used the community pre-school and the montasorri and would just have given my opinion ( as i should have said ). anyway thanks you for the welcome its appreciated

re : newbie           reply
06/05/2009 16:22 - Introduce Yourself
That´s a very kind offer, newbie. How do you know so much about primary schools and preschools? I trained as a primary teacher and I have four schoolgoing children. I would say I could answer some but not most questions on pre and primary schools. The other thing we need to consider is that all schools are different and that your experience in the school/s with which you are familiar, may be quite different to mine or somebodyelse´s.
Once again, you should be very much commended. I would just say that any advice any of us gives about primary schools, in particular, has to be qualified or open to correction. There are so many laws passed in recent years that it can be quite a minefield.
Good luck newbie and a very warm welcome to schooldays.

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