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new childminder

new childminder           reply
05/01/2016 19:32 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Waterford)
Hi,I´d like to say few things about myself. I just moved to Waterford with my husband and 7 months old baby girl. I´m working in the hotel and my husband is at home with her. We have a story about children we wish to take care of one day but for now my desire is to become a registered childminder. Every start is not easy but even one step is better then just dreaming :) I´d like to meet other childminders who can give me some advices.

re : new childminder           reply
05/01/2016 23:23 - Introduce Yourself
Have you contacted Waterford Childcare Committe and you can get an initial visit to your home for advice and also gain only need register with revenue and be insured to childmind legally but to become a voluntary registered childminder with cc you need garda vetting and first aid. Childminding Ireland is a paid membership group and their membership includes a tailored made insurance package for 155euro but majority are covered free through house insurance.
Childminding is classed as self employment and so if your not earning your on your own really. If your husband is home at moment you seriously need to look at both demand for a childminder and also a demand for a registered childminder as in your rates will need to pay you to offer a quality service. Check rates in your areas and also if locals are used to a pay as they use. Majority registered childminders I know have low bills or other half can support the family. Many have second jobs also. Childminding has never been seen as a career in Ireland. Childminding has traditionally been mum helping earn to raise her children but in recent years childcare professionals have left creche settings to offer their own service and also parents are looking for an alternative to creche but want an insured environment.
Registered services close due to making a loss, exhaustion as only way to make a full wage is to have three or be registered for five kids (plus youv your own baby), fact your home alone all day, no social life with colleagues and also the elements of being used, abused eg chasing payments, job going overnight or with notice etc all elements all other selfemployed in fairness deal with but childminding your really limited by Spaces/ratios. It´s great if youv a lovely relationship with family and it´s longterm. It´s great too to be home for your baby but don´t forget your baby will grow and eventually be in school.
Plus fact ecce has become two years is and will push childminding to be more parttime earner for those aged kids. Hope this helps, Google childminding in Ireland (and UK as theyv very supportive forums) also. I also found reading every county childcare committe websites was great as some still have a childminding advisory officer so websites up todate. Best of luck.

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