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joint writing

joint writing           reply
14/04/2015 22:58 - Primary Writing Resources
Hi my daughter´s handwriting has gone WAY down hill.... Since she started joint writing last year in school. Previously it was absolutely beautiful and so neat. Her teacher insists that she must do joint writing its not an option. I notice that if she uses a pen (at home) its much better as a pen seems to flow, so at our last parent teacher meeting I asked about using a pen, but was told not until 6th class. My daughter is in 3rd class so another 3 years of this😥We have tears every night over homework,obviously I won´t go against the teacher and I insist that she does the joint writing, but recently I´m a bit fed up of it and I feel like just giving her a pen!! Anyone got any good advice,let me know asap. Thanks

re : joint writing           reply
20/04/2015 11:27 - Primary Writing Resources
try Handwriting without Tears program (cursive workbook) available at
It is a lovely program and great for foundations of joint - you may have to change some of the capital letter formations or leave them out as they are American versions.
I suggest trying a slightly fatter / heavier pencil as you get better feedback from this (or just a little sponge gripper for extra feedback).
I just saw you post as I was posting something about my research in special needs section and felt compelled to offer some advice!
best wishes
Katie Cremin (Occupational Therapist)

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