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introducing me!!!!

introducing me!!!!           reply
13/02/2009 14:15 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Kildare)
Hi all, just stumbled accross this fantastic site whilst trying to find advice with regards to the junior cert...aaaggghhh.
I have five sons, 16..13..10..6..5
They are hard work but worth every bit of it. We have managed to avoid offering any of them up on e-bay so far, so they do have their good points hee hee!!! I have been doing this ´job´ for sixteen years now and as much as some people may like to think they eventually work out what the hell this parenting lark is all about...i can honestly say that every new challenge is a learning curve and just because you may have gone through something with an older child or some well meaning friend/relative succeeded with their child... i find its always the best option if you can remember that these kids of ours are all individual people with their own views, qualities, strong and weak points and so long as you balance what is best for them with what you want for them, and indeed what they want too, you will be okay. As hard as it may be at times the very most important aspect is to keep the lines of communication open between you and your children, it does not matter how irrelevant you might think their story is....just will be amazed at what you hear!!! well i have (as ever) gone on and on, sorry if i have bored you but i just think this forum is such a good idea, we could all really help to support each other. Good luck with your ´every days´ get in touch...

re : introducing me!!!!           reply
19/01/2010 17:35 - Introduce Yourself
hi sue5 sandra here i have three girls aged 18 15 and 7 and one son aged 13 who has a form of autism called asperger you life can be very challenging but worth every laugh and tear.look forward to talking more with you if you are ever on again. sandra.

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