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homework - 2nd class

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27/02/2009 17:44 - Homework
Ask for an appointment with the teacher again. Explain the difficulties again. The message is bound to register if it hasn´t done so already.

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25/02/2009 09:25 - Homework
Hi, that length of homework for an 8 year old is obviously way too much and more so if the child has dyslexia.This should be taken into consideration by the class teacher and made clear to them that, due to the difficulties of your child, exceptions should be made, i.e. less amount of pages in reading - 12 pages for 2nd class child is way too much anyhow(depending on size of print). It seems to me that the class teacher is not even contemplating the difficulties of the child and adapting to them. If this is the case, there will be no significant improvement in the child´s educational development. As a teacher myself, I would advise speaking to the Principal, if you have gotten nowhere with the teacher, and make the point clear that a 2nd class child gets almost 12 pages of reading a night whereas the 3rd class child gets 2 pages,therefore making it quite clear that there is no consistancy in the homework being given throughout classes. Also ask about the school policy on homework. In the school I work, the average length of time a child in 2nd class should spend on homework is anything up to 40 minutes - this of course depends on the child´s ability. Good luck.

homework - 2nd class           reply
24/02/2009 09:49 - Homework
i have a 8 year old who is dyslexic , on average take about 1.5 hrs to do homework which includes on average 12 pages of english reading ( small print too) i am at wits end have spoke to teacher ! i also have child in 3rd class only takes him 20 mins - & only 2 pages of reading , please help i am only doing 30 mins with 2nd class child & then closes all book . Am i doing right ??

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27/02/2009 17:35 - Homework
Try speaking to the resource teacher again and maybe she/he could come to an internal arrangement with the class teacher about co-ordination of homework.

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27/02/2009 20:47 - Homework
If you are stressed about your child´s homework, then he/she will be stressed too and vice versa. It can be a vicious circle. Try to relax, just do a reasonable amount and speak to the teachers again.

re... : homework - 2nd class           reply
25/02/2009 09:38 - Homework
thank you for your advice, unfortunately principal is his teacher, i have spoken to his resource teacher & she advises to do only 30-40 mins also. So i will take your advice & resource teacher & only do the 30-40 mins. many thanks again & hopefully this will work its self out

re... : homework - 2nd class           reply
27/02/2009 15:29 - Homework
The same amount of homework will take all children different lengths of time to complete, depending on the ability of the child, learning difficulties they may or may not have, concentration and application levels, supervision, distractions in the home, interruptions, levels of tiredness etc. What some children may finish in 20 minutes can take others 2 hours. It is very difficult to have a ´one size fits all´ solution to homework.
Many schools have a Homework Policy with guidelines for the amount of time homework should be expected to take for various class levels. In my son´s school (Glasheen in Cork) the suggested time for 2nd class in ´ up to 40 minutes´. This does not mean it has to take that long!
If there is a difficulty, with homework taking much longer, then the policy in my son´s school advises parents to contact the class teacher. If a pupil is attending Resource or Learning Support, then accommodation must be made whereby perhaps the pupil might do one set of reading & or writing. It is crazy to see a child with a learning disabilty having to do double homework.
The most important thing is that the child does his or her BEST for 30 - 40 minutes and that should be enough at that age.
Very often there can be problems in September, when children go into a new class and are still in summer mode. At this stage of the year, things should have settled down. Hope this advise helps.

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