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re : fundraising           reply
04/03/2007 17:17 - Miscellaneous
Hi Anita
Unfortunatley I think every parents association has ongoing fundraising campaigns every year. I think from the parents perspective it is important to tell the parents what you are fund raising for and what their money went toward. It is a good idea to get an idea from the Principa/Board of Managent what the funds will go towards and then you can send home a note to parents saying this year we are fundraising for, e.g. library books, gym equipment etc. At the end of the year tell them what money was raised and what equipment/books etc were bought. I think once parents know its going towards something specific that will help their child they will be quite supportive but if it is vague it is less likely to be a success.
Good luck with your fundraising.

re... : fundraising           reply
16/09/2007 17:05 - Miscellaneous
our school send home an envelope per family each week, form mid oct, nov (not dec!!) mid jan-may...suggested contribution €3 per means at least no selling lines, cakes sales sponsored this and that..a lot to be said for it!!

re : fundraising           reply
16/09/2007 17:23 - Miscellaneous
remember that the parents assocation itself should not buy equipment for the school as if something went wrong with it, the PA would be liable. the best way is to let the school buy the equipment and the PA to reimburse the school. when we bought sports equipment we were advised to do this as if someone had hurt themselves, then the school insurance would cover the public liability.

fundraising           reply
02/03/2007 11:50 - Miscellaneous
Hi as a new member of our parsnts ass. we have done a lot of fundraising over the last year for our school we
gave in a cheque for 1000 and have another 1500 to give and an other event coming up, now i know all the
money is put to good use ,however if we give this much in will the school expect it every afraid our local
community will get fed up of us looking for money all the time.Is there a certain amount schools depend on
or is it just a case of every penny or cent counts.

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