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first holy communion

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19/09/2009 21:28 - First Holy Communion (Locality: Carlow)
Hi,can anyone help me out with any sites they might have used when getting their kids ready for first holy communion..or ideas for prayers of the faithful for the Do this in Memory of Me programme.

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24/09/2010 16:02 - First Holy Communion
My nephew made his communion last year and I went to the Do This In Memory initial meeting with my sister. The school continues to do what they always did but the whole reason for the Do This In Memory programme is to give some responsibilty to and to involve parents/families in the build up to the Communion. The Do This In Memory programme is meant to be completely separate from the school and not the responsibility of the school at all. They probably do things differently in some parishes but the clear understanding is that the schools have always been involved in preparation for the communion but this programme is nothing to do with the schools really. It is for the parents and the community to get involved.

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24/09/2010 11:22 - First Holy Communion
dont they do in memory of me in the school the 10week of going to mass and helping the kids to know about the communion

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20/09/2009 06:35 - First Holy Communion
Here are two suggestions which you may find helpful


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