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facts of life

re... : facts of life           reply
29/12/2010 09:50 - Childrens Health
in 1980´s there was a tv serial named facts of life.. a very informative program. my kids used to watch it.

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29/09/2006 20:13 - Childrens Health
Hi Megan
I´m in the same boat as you looking for a book on the facts of life suitable for my daughter, just turning 10. I bought a book last weekend called Girl Talk which is supposed to be written for girls aged 9-14 but I feel it is too detailed for my daughter and am hesitating giving it to her. Let me know if you come across anything you feel might be suitable.

facts of life           reply
29/09/2006 19:07 - Childrens Health
My daugher is 10 and a half and I´m looking for a book to read with her that deals with periods etc. Most of the books I see in the bookshops are too advanced and geared towards teenagers.

re... : facts of life           reply
31/10/2006 17:23 - Childrens Health
Thanks Babs for the info, i am off to look for the book this week. Megan

re... : facts of life           reply
22/10/2006 16:41 - Childrens Health
I finally found a good book - "Lets Talk about where Babies come from". Its published by Walker and written by Robie Harris. It deals with the issues in quite a light hearted way with quite a few cartoons but still covers all the facts without too many graphic pictures. I have had ´the talk´ with my daughter and given her the book and she seems quite comfortable with the content. I see there is also a few useful articles now on this website on how to approach ´the talk´ . You will find them under the Children´s health section on this website - located on the Parents Page. I hope your own ´talk´ goes well. Mine was much easier than I expected and I was left in no doubt that my daughter was well ready to have the conversation.

re... : facts of life           reply
02/10/2006 11:32 - Childrens Health
I too am looking for a book for my 10 year old daughter, Please let me know if you get one, I remember the Girl talk book and I too feel that it is slightly too advanced for my daughter anyway.

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