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drinking from what age?

drinking from what age?           reply
06/07/2009 17:53 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
We are moving to Cork from California in august because of my husband a year research work. We have never lived in Ireland. Here they sell alcohol and you are allowed go to a night club at age of 21. They always ask your ID in the store.
I heard that in Ireland alcoholism is a big problem. At what age in Ireland they can sell alcohol? I heard sometimes illegally they can sell it to a teenager and then they behave very crazy on the streets and even might be dangerous... Is it true?
I am very worry as I have 14 years old son and here in California it;s very very strict about it. For 8 years living here I´ve never seen drunk people outside and especially teenagers...
Please help me understand i hope i have a wrong information

re : drinking from what age?           reply
09/07/2009 10:31 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Lena,
The legal age for drinking in Ireland is 18. It is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under 18 and sellers are obliged by law to check ID for young people. That said, many teenagers access alcohol through older friends etc., and unfortunately many young people drink well before the legal age.

I don´t live in Cork and cannot comment on what goes on there but I think it is fairly much the same throughout the country. Teens can access alcohol and do drink to excess but not all teens. I would advise you to chat to your children about what the ´rules´ are in your family about alcohol and make it clear to them if you will not accept them drinking.

Good luck with the move - I think you will miss the Californian sunshine!

re : drinking from what age?           reply
13/07/2009 10:53 - Ask Mother Hen
I agree with what the other parent has told you, I have lived in other european countries and have friends that run a bar in Time Square in New York and the problem exits everwhere. You Just have to watch who your children are friends with and where they are going its pretty much common sense stuff !! BEST OF LUCK AND PLEASE bring some of your sunshine with you !!

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