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re : bribary           reply
10/05/2013 09:17 - Miscellaneous
With 5 kids I quickly learned that sometimes the punishments we give are more a punishment to the parent or the family than to the child causing the problem. The solution to this is only give punishments that YOU want. Would you enjoy Christmas if Santa didn´t come? No, so don´t use it as a punishment. Instead, make them write letters to their grandma before they can go to bed. Or make them clean a toilet if you have to ask more than once for a job to be done. At least then, you are getting something you want out of the ordeal.

bribary           reply
18/12/2008 11:37 - Miscellaneous
is it good to tell a child that if they arent good santa wont come. my boys arent behaving i know they are hyper because santa is coming next week and i call them to do somehting for me and it is about the 3rd time when i call them they come. i say to them well not telly no computer if they dont do the jobs for sick of giving out to them what can i do. is there any other parent that has this problem

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