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advice re daughter

advice re daughter           reply
27/11/2011 22:57 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Mayo)
my 8 year old daughter seems to be copying/following another child in school.It appears if this child says she likes or dislikes something my daughter would have to agree with her. She would never go against her and plays all the games she wants to play. I had a birthday party for my daughter and all her friends came, my daugher stuck to this girl all day and with another friend who has the same mind set as my daughter with this girl. my daughter is extremly bright and i really do not know what to do, i have spoken on numerous occasions about using her her own mind and doing what she wants to do???what next

re : advice re daughter           reply
29/11/2011 18:51 - Ask Mother Hen
As long as your daughter is happy and is not showing signs of being bullied, then I would not worry about this too much. Often children are in awe of another child and may ´look up´ to that child in some way. It can be a phase and will pass. I would however, keep an eye on the situation to ensure that your daughter is playing with this child because she wants to and not because she is afraid not to (again - watching out for bullying).
Keep a good connection with your little girl, keep chatting about school and friends so that you are close to what is going on. You could also arrange a playdate or two so that you can observe their relationship and let you see how they get along together.
I think if many of us had a child in our school or peer group that we looked up to at some stage and generally children out grow this phase.

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