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Which school year?

re... : Which school year?           reply
02/12/2009 13:33 - Ask Mother Hen
Thank you so much for your advice I have spoken to the school and unfortunately there are no places in 4th class either, they did agree that 2nd class would be the wrong move for my daughter. They gave me alternative schools but unfortunately my closest choice for a feeder school for secondary is not a catholic school and the others are a considerable distance away. I really want her to go to a catholic school as this is our religion we live in the catchment area of our first choice so what do I do now is there an appeal process????

Which school year?           reply
01/12/2009 14:48 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin North)
We have spent the last year and a half in Spain, we are coming home at the end of January 2010. My daughter is 9 (she will turn 10 in March) she is currently in year 4 primary, when we left Ireland she had just completed year 2 when we get home the school has suggested she go into year 2, there are no places in year 3 I don´t know what to do as I fear year 2 will be too young for her, but she hasn´t done year 3 in Ireland and it will mean she can catch up. Please can you help?

re : Which school year?           reply
02/12/2009 10:17 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Jayh

If I have understood you correctly (and done my maths right!), if your daughter goes into 2nd class in January on your return then she would be 10 yrs of age at the end of 2nd class which would mean that she would be 141/2 going into secondary school and twenty finishing secondary school! This would make her considerably older than her peers - normally 12/13 yrs going into secondary and 18 yrs finishing secondary school.

Unless you feel that your daughter is struggling in school either academically or socially or would have other difficulties on her return there would be no reason to have her repeat a year on her return to Ireland. Is there a possibility that the school would have a place in 4th class in september - while there is not a place now, perhaps the school know of someone who may be leaving after the summer - it would be worth talking to the school again and exploring other options.

Before you make your final decision perhaps you should contact alternative schools in the area so you know what other options might be open to you and your daughter. It is also important to discuss the issue with you daughter to explore whether she would be comfortable returning to 2nd class or whether she has strong views on the issue which will help you to assess how easily she would settle depending on the decision you make.

Best of luck with your decision - it is a difficult dilemma for you but you will know what is best for your daughter.

re... : Which school year?           reply
03/12/2009 15:15 - Ask Mother Hen
If you have difficulty finding a place for your child in school you can contact the National Educational Welfare Board Educational Helpline LoCall No. 1890 36 36 66.

If your child is refused a place in a primary school, you have the right to appeal this decision under Section 29 or the Education Act, 1998, If you need any help with processing this appeal you can contact the NPC Information/Helpline Tel: 01 8874477 email: Details of the Appeals Procedure can be found on the Department of Education website on

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