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Unusual dilemma

Unusual dilemma           reply
04/01/2014 22:57 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Wexford)
We are parents of a mildly autistic boy aged 4 and a half, I have an adult daughter in college and my partner has a teenage son. We have been living apart / split up for three years but in the past few months we have been reconciled.
Our biggest problem is that we don´t have any babysitter in our family circle apart from my daughter who is in college 100 miles away and is less and less available for babysitting.
This babysitting problem was to a large part responsible for us splitting up in the first place.
I am living alone and my house would be more suitable for babysitting although we would envisage that it would be better if the babysitter minded our son in there own home.
My partners home isn´t suitable as her elderly mother lives there and her teenage son, neither of who are suitable to babysit.
Due to my work commitments we would ideally like to be able to go away one weekend a month for a night or two or have an occasional night out locally .
Due to us living in a rural area overnighting is the only realistic option as taxis home are basically unavailable and due to the mileages involved the cost is exorbitant (€100 to town)
To have someone to be able to mind our son occasionally in the daytime way would certainly be a great bonus for my partner who has no backup at all when I am at work,

I expect such a person to fulfill this role will be hard to find but they might make it possible for us as a couple to live again in a reasonably normal way. We´re located in the south west Wexford area.
Advise and suggestions much appreciated as much as applications !

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