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Teenagers Homework -Help!!

re : Teenagers Homework -Help!!           reply
09/11/2008 23:28 - Ask Mother Hen
hi girl i dont have teenager kids but if you tried to say well its you that is doing your exams at the end of the year not me and if you want a job you have to have some sort of qualifications to get the job you want. this may not work but try it. i dont think it works telling them ill take away your mobile etc because that means nothing to them. do they have anything that really means a lot to them that you can say ill take it away from you if you dont study. would they by any chance be bullied in school

re... : Teenagers Homework -Help!!           reply
14/11/2008 11:06 - Ask Mother Hen
The idea of telling the teens that they need to work to get qualifications for their future is good, whether they take heed of your advice is another story! With regard to taking away something they like, all children/teenagers are different, they have different interests. If you agree with your child that you will stop an activity, take away their phone etc. if they do not complete the task, following through on it will show them that you mean what you say. If for example you take away their phone, they won´t want to tell their friends they are being punished so it´s up to them to get around this. They may say they´re out of credit or have lost their phone etc. so the issue of bullying should not arise. They will feel bad and learn that the next time they don´t do what you´ve agreed, that you will follow through. This will encourage them to complete what they have agreed to. Good parenting is about being consistent in a positive way. Most importantly with teens, keep the line of communication open.

re : Teenagers Homework -Help!!           reply
20/10/2008 20:34 - Ask Mother Hen
No, it’s not you…the teenage years are sometimes the most challenging for parents. At least they are going up the stairs which is a very positive thing! Your children are becoming adults and are expressing their independence. You want the best for them but they don’t see that. Maybe try a different approach.

One thing you might try, is to agree with them how much time each night they are going to put into homework/study. The idea of having to study all night after being at school all day is not very pleasant for your teen. If they know that there is deadline, they will be more motivated to do it. As an example you could say that they study from 7pm to 9pm and that if they do this, they can watch TV or do something they enjoy before they go to bed.

Remember, the homework is your child’s job so if they don’t get it done, they must face the teacher and accept the consequences. Encouraging them too can be helpful. You may praise them for the amount of time they do put in. Teens appreciate your praise even though they might not show it!

re... : Teenagers Homework -Help!!           reply
14/11/2008 17:11 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi. I have a teenager who has just done the junior cert, he has always hated homework and finds it boring. Every child is different but a little chat about it being up to him really worked and he decided to put heart and soul into it until the exams and guess what he got better grades, so it all worked out really well. Kids dont like falling behind their peers, are his grades good ? He may be keeping up because he is naturally bright and the home work is just boring him. If he is slipping, you should be concerned as he will be streamed into pass and honours classes this year. Best of luck

Teenagers Homework -Help!!           reply
20/10/2008 20:33 - Ask Mother Hen
hi mother hen, i have 2 teenagers in the house and trying to get them to study is so difficult, is it me or when teenagers start secondary school everything goes out the window, my son who is in 2nd year used to be a great student but now all im doing is giving out every evening , he has no concentration at all , comes up and down the stairs fifty times during homework , im loosing my patients with him , what do i do help!!!

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