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Teenage Summers

Teenage Summers           reply
17/06/2007 20:03 - Summer Camps
Anyone in the same boat as me with a couple of young teenagers who will be home alone during the summer? I work till 4pm each day. Neither of my teens are interested in summer camps and seem a bit old for an aupair/nanny. They are 13 & 14, boy & girl. Seems I have no alternative but to leave them home - any suggestions on what rules I should set - seems a bit strict to say they can have no-one in but it´s bad enough leaving my own teens unsupervised without worrying about what other parents teens are up to in my house. Any advice anyone.?

re : Teenage Summers           reply
18/06/2007 00:57 - Summer Camps
I think teens that age are too young to have friends in during the day while you are at work, it´s different when it´s only an odd time when they have a day off school but during the summer do you really want your house to be the ´free gaff´ of the area? By all means let them have friends in when you get home from work but I would go with a definite ´no´ for during the day and then arrange things for when you get home.

No doubt with late nights they are probably not getting up too early, then by the time they have breakfast, shower and do a few jobs around the house it´s time for lunch and so there probably won´t be too many hours for them before you are home. I am all for letting them laze around during the day as long as they don´t get up to any mischief, after all they probably don´t spend too much time together during school terms so this time can be good for them, I would encourage them to do things together as in a few years they will most likely both have summer jobs.

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