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re : Montessori teacher wanted           reply
27/04/2009 09:28 - Introduce Yourself
Dear all,

I am hoping someone from this forum might be able to advice me.
We have lived in Dublin for the past 8 years. We have three kids, who where all born in Ireland. The older two grew up bilingually. Last year we moved back to Germany. In order to help the kids maintain and develop their language skills, I would want someone from Ireland to live with us. Ideally, I would want someone to live with us as kind of an au-pair (in terms of accommodation, food etc. being provided), I would want this person to look after the younger two (who would be 5 and 3 by then) 3-4 hours during the mornings (giving montessori classes, not doing any hoese work etc.). Ideally, I am looking for someone with a montessori qualification (my oldest one has been to a montessori school in Dublin for 3 years and the middle one attended the same school for 1 year. I have been perfectly happy with this school.). I am convinced that structured input will boost language learning. (I have taught German for several years at the Goethe Institute and at TCD.) I could imagine that a young Montessorian might be interested in going abroad, gaining some experiences whilst developing their professional skills. We would be supportive in every way to make us all enjoy and benefit from this stay. Do you think it is likely to find someone? Where would you advertise?
Many thanks in advance,


Teachers           reply
05/12/2008 14:36 - Introduce Yourself
The teachers, should now and again give a comment. I would like to talk with some of the teachers. I myself was a former student in this wonderful school. Now I am a 3rd year student studying English Literature in University of Garyounis, in Libya. In the Summer I teach. I would like to learn some new tips that might help me. Therfore, I can implicate it in my teaching stradegy. In the future I would like to open an English language Institute. I would like to imply some of the techniques that I will hopfully learn from the teachers here in this school. However, how may I contact them? I hope there is a way for me and other individuals to contact the teachers. I would like the teachers to contact me by emailing to: I want to give a big HELLO to Mr. Grogan, my fomer sixth class teacher. Okay, bye!

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