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Teacher bullying

Teacher bullying           reply
08/03/2013 21:14 - Teenage Issues
My teenager has previously been in trouble with school due to messing with his friends and doing daft things. He was reprimanded and paid his price with detentions and punishments, grounding, at home. But he has made a name for himself now and is being targeted by a number of teachers who are now blaming him for things he has not done even when he has had friends going to them to stick up for him to varify that he was not involved. What should I do as he is being picked on now nearly every day? I believe punishments should be fair and if he has done something then yes, he should be punished but I feel its now getting out of hand. He swears that he has been trying really hard not to be daft or do stupid things, but is now feeling it doesn´t matter anyway because he´s going to get picked on and thus punished regardless. Does anyone have any advice????

re : Teacher bullying           reply
17/12/2020 11:54 - Teenage Issues
Hello. Such stories are not uncommon, talk to your child, talk to the teachers. Do they really treat him that way for no reason? Sort it out at school if the child can´t do it himself. Trust him, but also talk to the teachers.

re : Teacher bullying           reply
02/04/2021 11:00 - Teenage Issues
Did you try to go to the main teacher of the class (main tutor)? I´d try to explain that even if someone done something stupid, doesn´t make you have to follow every his step from now. And people, when you show them you don´t trust them anymore, start to lie and, paradoxically, their behaviour is worse than before.

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