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Tantrums and crèche difficulties

Tantrums and crèche difficulties           reply
29/04/2017 15:55 - School Specific
Hi parents
My husband and I have been called in by the director of the crèche where my 2 yrs old daughter goes to report her bad behaviour.
I am heart broken because she did not have a kind work for my lo. She throwas tantrums all the times, she ruins games for the other children and she is not progressin as the others. My lo is definetely behind from a language prospective and we speak 2 languages in the house and most of the times she throws tantrums because she cannot express herself. That does frustrate get a lot.

I am really disappointed in the crèche that looked fed up with her even though it Thursday was the first time we were informed of the issu.
The manager of the place is basically saying that there is definitely something wrong with my child as she is different and extreme.
We are looking at options at the moment, contacting speach therapist etc.
I am sure my daughter is fine and healthy but she is definetely not happy there.

I don´t want my daughter to continue to go to thst crèche and I am looking at option.
Do you think that 1to1 is what my daughter would benefit more?
Has any of you had similar experience?

Thank you so much for anyone who could reinsur me.


re : Tantrums and crèche difficulties           reply
29/04/2017 19:32 - School Specific
I would say you know your own child and unfortunately in all walks of life you´ll meet people who don´t handle situations well, often unintentionally. I would rearrange another meeting where you are prepared to ask certain questions, especially meet with staff who actually work with your lo and see if ye can draw up a plan.
Have you considered an insured childminder, smaller environment, often one to one or perhaps a nanny in your own house, expensive route for one child but might be only needed in short term. Could you pop to a toddler group or playcentre and observe her with other children. Two is often a very difficult age as they are just finding themselves.

re... : Tantrums and crèche difficulties           reply
29/04/2017 19:53 - School Specific
Thank you very much for your reply .
Yes I am considering a smaller environment for sure and looking at different option.
She has a ltitle cousin and they always play nice together and sometimes they just do their own thing.
This is why I don´t understand the extremely negative feedback that I received.
Thank you again for your words.

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