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Super Value Marketing Actions in Schools

re : Super Value Marketing Actions in Schools           reply
08/03/2008 19:06 - Miscellaneous
The problem for schools is ,as we all know they are seriously underfunded, no teacher wants to have to collect and count thousands and thousands of Tesco tokens for one free cd or the supervalu tokens for sports stuff, but untill the DES makes money available for this kind of thing, schools have to get them anyway they can, like those awful Mc donalds gaelic footballs a while back. The INTO and IPPN both support the campaign for commercial free education, but serious underfunding means this kind of thing will go on for a while yet

Super Value Marketing Actions in Schools           reply
06/03/2008 17:00 - Miscellaneous
My children have had a visit from the Super Value Nutritionist in their school. I hate the thought that Super market chains are now targetting our children to get their message across. Hiding behind a nutritionist doesn´t mean it isn´t marketing! I think schools should not allow these things to happen, teachers can teach about healthy eating, and they don´t have anything to sell, either.
The idea that Super Value is concerned about the health of our kids is ludicrous, look at all the sweets, sugary cereals etc. in the shop. Is there anything parents can do to stop this from going on? I refuse to let my children be used by big commercial giants in such a way, and I am apalled to know that principals allow this.

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