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Starting Secondary School

re : Starting Secondary School           reply
08/12/2008 18:18 - Ask Mother Hen
It´s difficult to say what age children should start secondary school because children are all different. You feel your daughter is socially behind other children and it may do her good to repeat 6th class in her present or another school. The other side of it is that if she does attend secondary school with her current friends, she doesn´t have to make all new friends as she would starting a new school in 6th class.

I would suggest that you speak with her teacher. Teachers are usually quick to pick up the developmental stage that your child is at and their advice may be the best. They have worked with your child during the year and will have a very good idea what would be best.

If your daughter goes to secondary school now she will be very young completing the leaving certificate. Is there an opportunity for her to do transition year in the secondary school? This may mean that she will have another opportunity in a few years to "catch up" if she goes now.

You might also talk to your daughter about it and see how she feels. Would she be happy to repeat 6th class with new children or prefer to move on with her existing friends? Her opinion is important and she will feel good that you considered her feelings in the decision.

Whatever you decide, good luck with it.


Starting Secondary School           reply
03/12/2008 20:38 - Ask Mother Hen
I started my daughter in school at 4 and now she is in 6th class and is 11 since August. While she is doing well academically, I feel she is socially way behind the other kids in the class. Quite a number of the girls are 12 already and will be 13 heading into secondary school. I worry that she is not in her comfort zone and am thinking about having her repeat 6th class, either in her present school or another one.

Does anyone out there have any opinions on the best age for children to start secondary school?

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