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Size of parents association committee

Size of parents association committee           reply
04/09/2006 20:01 - Parents Associations
My kids are in a large school with 3 classes per year group giving a total of 25 class groups. What would be an appropriate size Parents Assoc Committee for a school of this size?

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06/09/2006 22:26 - Parents Associations
I served on a parents association for two years and I have to say it was very worthwhile. Its a great way to get involved in your childrens education and has an added advantage of getting to know the other parents. I don´t think the size of the parents association is too important (10 to 12 is probably a minimum). Whats more relevant is how much time parents can give to the school activities. I found from experience that the more contacts one has with all kinds of other organisations and people is vital. Some parents on the committee had extensive contacts and were able to call on these and move mountains - very handy when it comes to organising school events etc.

re : Size of parents association committee           reply
07/09/2006 21:07 - Parents Associations
I worked on the parents association in my kids school for the past 2 years. There are 20 members including a rep from the teaching staff and 2 parents who are also members of the board of management. There are about 300 kids in the school. We try to get a rep from each class but this does not always work out. There is an umberella organisation of parents associations which you can be affiliated to if you wish. They have speakers who will come and address your AGM. I think the 1998 Education act also covers the make up and function of parents associations. I enjoyed my time it really is a great way to get to know other parents. If you have a little time to spare it is very worthwhile getting involved.

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