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School Rental Scheme

re... : School Rental Scheme           reply
15/10/2009 09:32 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
We´ve asked the school why it´s so expensive and they just reply with more or less the answer "that´s the way it is". I´d like to also point out the my son will be starting in secondary in 2010 and got a word from his new school they are looking for just 250 in September next year and that will cover everything from lockers, insurance, books, materials - I think that´s a grand deal.

re : School Rental Scheme           reply
14/10/2009 22:17 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
this sounds a bit funny ... what if you have a number of children that must cost you a fortune .. I would contact the school and tell them u would rather buy

School Rental Scheme           reply
18/09/2009 20:58 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms

When we received book list this year - there was no option given to buy only to rent. The rent for the books was 100 euro. The books to buy would have cost 125. Books that we bought were always passed on to another child. The cost of renting books from the school has never gone down which doesn´t make any sense at all.

re... : School Rental Scheme           reply
17/10/2009 16:42 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Hi Flo

Have you tried talking to the Parents Association or the parents rep on the Board of Management about this? It may well be that the school are using this money to subsidise other things, and are therefore not keen to change. However, I don´t think it is unreasonable for you to seek change. You could try telling them that you will opt-out of the rental scheme, but you will provide books for your child, which you can then sell or pass on yourself at the end of the year. That might provoke a reaction.

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