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School Lunches ---

School Lunches ---           reply
29/06/2011 13:31 - Introduce Yourself

I´m in the process of gathering information to determine the viability of providing hot school lunches. These will be hot, healthy and nutritious. I´m hoping to provide these at a price-point of c. €2.50. Items will include macaroni & cheese, pasta carbonara, risotto, etc.

I´d appreciate some responses to determine the level of interest.

Many Thanks

re... : School Lunches ---           reply
31/07/2011 16:56 - Introduce Yourself
i think its a great idea i was saying that bout skools havin a hot meal for children and 250 isnt a great deal of money i would help out if needs be i would rather my children have a hot meal certainley in the winter time great idea

re : School Lunches ---           reply
11/07/2011 12:08 - Introduce Yourself
Sounds like a great idea but I wonder about the long-term viability, once the novelty period has passed. It seems to be a difficult period for many families and if it is E2.50 per day per child, then that´s E12.50 per week per child. That´s not bad value but it may not be affordable for most. Also the logistics of doing all this in a school would have to be worked out with the school. Again, it´s a brilliant idea but I´m not so sure it could be a success in the current economic climate. You could invest a lot of time and money in it, which would be quite a risk.

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