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Pocket money

re : Pocket money           reply
02/09/2006 14:29 - Money Matters
Its funny.I was only discussing this very issue recently with my two children and it is amazing how keen they are to do extra chores if they know that there is some reward at the end of week! They have now started to tidy their bedrooms and fill the dishwasher without me having to ask and it does take some of the pressue off Mum.

re : Pocket money           reply
15/09/2006 14:59 - Money Matters
For a nine year old I think about €3 a week would be the right amount. I give €5 a week to a 12 year old.

re : Pocket money           reply
02/09/2006 13:19 - Money Matters
Its probably time to start giving some pocket money and let her start to take responsibity for some of her spending. We always linked pocket money to some help in the house though, ours had, and have to do some chore before they receive their money.

Pocket money           reply
02/09/2006 12:08 - Money Matters
My nine year old girl is giving me grief about getting a weekly pocket money allowance. Up till now we have simply bought for her when we thought appropriate but have not given her her own money to spend. I think it is probably the right time to start weekly pocket money but not sure what would be the appropriate amount. Any thoughts anyone?

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