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New Seminar for Mums

New Seminar for Mums           reply
07/04/2011 19:11 - Miscellaneous (Locality: Dublin South)
Hi there, this is something that I think many other mums out there may find interesting...

Many women feel like they are not good enough. Many hate the way they look.They feel insecure or self-conscious around other women, they constantly compare themselves and envy other women’s bodies and lives.A lot of women try to mask their unhappiness with food, alcohol, too much make up, etc.

“How To Boost Your Self-esteem & Be More Confident” is a new seminar series designed to empower Irish women, and provide them with the skills and tools that will allow them to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

This seminar is sponsored by OFI (Owen Fitzpatrick International) a world renowned NLP training authority, and taught by Anna Aparicio, Ireland´s top female NLP/Hypnosis Specialist Coach and an expert on Self-esteem and Confidence.

The first seminar will take place at Dublin’ Stillorgan Park Hotel on April 28th, and you can avail of over 50% off your ticket when you book before April 15th.

Find out more at this link:

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