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Neighbours kids

Neighbours kids           reply
29/01/2019 07:30 - Miscellaneous (Locality: Mayo)
I live in a really nice Estate never have any trouble but 3 girls all around 12 so cheeky.
I have a son a year younger and he would not talk to Adults the way they do .
Durning the summer they threw eggs at my house because that day they started kicking my Gate which I told them to go away and stop that´s it.
I know they are kids but they are so rude especially when 3 are together .
I haven´t gone to parents nearly did as they kept ringing door Android shouting and trying to frighten dog
I gave out to them yesterday and told them to stay away and have respect they didn´t say a thing as I closed the door one said whatever you stupid lady
What do you do?

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