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Music Books School Donations

Music Books School Donations           reply
22/08/2015 22:56 - Wanted
Hi everyone

I´m a secondary school teacher trying to reduce the costs of books for students because school is bloody expensive enough as it is. However I teach music, and even though I wrote and photocopy my own books for JC/LC music, they still have to purchase the scores which at JC is about 12e a student, at leaving cert between 40-55e depending on which course they are studying.

I would really like to collect a class set (12 to share one between 2 or ideally 24 for one each) of second hand music books for JC and LC music which I could then keep in the classroom and rotate for years to come with no obligation on future parents to buy books.

I´m in North Kildare and I´m trying to get in touch with as many parents as possible to ask if they have old LC/JC music books and scores from the last 15 years (the course hasn´t changed) to consider donating them to our school. I´m heavily involved in the subject association too and if I can do this I will be suggesting it to everyone else at conference in October.

I feel it is incredibly important as teachers that we try to do everything we can for parents to reduce costs and the music course is one that it is possible with as it is pretty slow to change so maybe a few lovely parents would be willing to donate to help future parents!

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