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Moving to Ireland

re : Moving to Ireland           reply
21/08/2011 16:17 - Introduce Yourself
hi, we moved to Galway last year from New york(3 kids 17,15 and10)my 15 year old sat the junior cert 9 or ten months after we moved,she sounds like your daughter,she found them fine(still waiting for the results,but she did great in the mocks).All of my kids love it here in Galway.I am originally from co.cavan,my husband Monaghan.The kids say they wouldn´t go back,and find the education system more laidback although harder in the sense that all the exams questions are not multiple choice like in the states,also they were delighted to hear that a passing grade is 40% here while its 60% in America.And they don´t test here every 5 minutes like in the US.too much testing and not enough learning in my opinion.
the best of luck,... ( :

Moving to Ireland           reply
24/06/2011 13:17 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Cavan)
Hello everyone. I am hoping to move to Ireland shortly. We would be moving to Cavan as I have plenty of family around there. My only problem is my 15yr old daughter who is in the first year of her GCSE´s in England.
She is adamant that she does not want to move to Ireland and I am also concerned at how she would cope moving to a new school in the year when she would be taking her Junior Cert.
She is very bright and works hard but we are both very disillusioned by the English exam system and curriculum. She is totally ground down by the constant exams throughout this last year and the lack of time to teach the subjects necessary.
Would she be able to successfully transfer at this stage (academically), any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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