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Moving to America

re : Moving to America           reply
21/08/2011 16:37 - Introduce Yourself
we did the opposite,we moved to Ireland last year after living in the states for 21 years.Our kids are 17,15 and 10.I think your daughter will do fine in the States as the standards here are good and if she is a bright student.....My eldest two have no Irish geography or history what so ever,but they have gotten to choose their subjects for the senior cycle(leaving cert),so essentially they have gone through the system(so far) without these subjects,and it doesnt seem to matter,so whatever your daughter has learned in these subjects up to this point is leaps and bounds above them.I would advise her to zone in on maths ,english and science while she is there.
I hope she makes some nice friends,thats half the battle ,especially at their age,it makes all the difference.The best of luck ( :

Moving to America           reply
20/02/2011 20:20 - Introduce Yourself
Hi, I´m new to the site and looking for some guidance. We´re about to move to the USA and we have two kids. Our son is 9 and is currently in 3rd class so will be going into 4th grade in the US system so no problem there.

Our daughter is 12 and is currently in 1st year. Technically speaking she should be moving into 8th grade in the US system but we were thinking of starting her in 7th grade as a number of the schools that we are looking at (in the Washington DC area) appear to start Middle school at 7th grade and so she would be starting off with everyone else on a new adventure (so to speak). She has always been the youngest in her class here (won´t be 13 until June 2011) so we thought that holding her back a year would give her a bit of space to adapt etc. Also, my partner´s employer will be paying a significant proportion of any private school fees so we have the opportunity to get her into a very good school where the standards are high.

The question we have is this....our daughter will be coming back to rejoin her old school in 5th year and at that stage will have completed Grades 7, 8 and 9 in the American school. Will this equip her academically to start back into 5th year with her old school friends who will have completed the Junior Cert and then gone through Transition Year? As I said, the school my daughter will attend is likely to be top notch but even so will the curriculum covered in grades 7 to 9 be enough to prepare her for 5th year here?

Any guidance appreciated.

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