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Moving back to Cork!!

Moving back to Cork!!           reply
20/09/2010 13:50 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Cork)
Hi all,

We are planning to move back to Cork after 5 years in London and deperately need some advice on primary and pre-schools. Our little boy will be 4 in December and has just started pre-school here. I´m still trying to figure out the Irish system and would really appreciate any answers or advice!!

*Is there a shortage of pre-schools? I´ve found a list of about 20 pre-schools for the whole of Cork county and I´m desperately hoping it isn´t a conclusive list!!

*Is pre-school free as in the UK? Or is it classed as childcare? If so, is there any funding available to parents who work etc?

*Does anyone know of a good non/multi-denominational primary in Cork?

We haven´t decided where we will live yet so we´re pretty flexible, that will mostly depend on the schools :)

Thanks a lot!


re... : Moving back to Cork!!           reply
22/09/2010 13:20 - Introduce Yourself

Thanks so much for getting back to me. A good school is priority at the moment, especially considering we would be enrolling mid-term so I´m planning to work around that in terms of where we´ll live and where I´ll work. So any recommendations will be very much appreciated! Especially regarding schools since it looks like most start offering places next month!!

I did manage to find a list of bigger primary and pre-schools, and also found out that there is now a free year of pre-school which is great.

Thanks again for your help!

Sharon x

re... : Moving back to Cork!!           reply
24/09/2010 23:25 - Introduce Yourself
most schools in Ireland are still Catholic schools but most have a number of pupils who are not Catholic. For the first few years the ´religion´ programme is rather vague and it really only becomes an issue in 2nd class -as 1st holly communion is prepared for in school.

Non denominational schools in Ireland are mostly under the patronage of Educate together and they have some schools in cork. I have no personal experience of these schools but you may get some information on their website:

I spotted these two on the website!

re... : Moving back to Cork!!           reply
21/09/2010 23:01 - Introduce Yourself
I could recommend the school where my son attends but if it´s not convenient for you or if you have family/connections in an area to which you would like to be near, then that too needs to be considered.

re : Moving back to Cork!!           reply
21/09/2010 22:58 - Introduce Yourself
There is a limited number of free pre-school places but I would imagine that most of them could be gone for this school year. If your little boy is 4 next December, then he would be starting school in autumn 2011, so you might need to start enquiring about primary school places now.
Where do you hope to work in Cork or is that a consideration? I say this as I could be recommending schools on the opposite side to your ideal location.

re... : Moving back to Cork!!           reply
08/10/2010 10:47 - Introduce Yourself

As the last person said the Educate Together are great. There is one near me and I always hear good reports


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