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Maths Homework

re : Maths Homework           reply
14/05/2007 18:49 - Homework
Would suggest you buy a copy of "The Essential Parents´ Guide to the Primary School Years´ by Brian Gilsenan. It available in most bookshops and school bookshops. It details how the schools teach the curriculum at each level and I know it provides examples for parents on the way to explain addition/subtraction to 1st & 2nd class kids - I remember having to study it carefully two years ago when trying to explain it to my daughter.

re... : Maths Homework           reply
14/05/2007 21:58 - Homework
Thank you for your replies. I will be asking the teacher anyway, I was just looking for a quick online resource that might have an example. There doesn´t appear to be any online resources for parents that would assist them with the new curriculum and the methods that are used to impart it. I appreciate your responses.

re : Maths Homework           reply
14/05/2007 18:12 - Homework
I really think that if neither you nor your son can do these maths and he doesn´t have a sample one to work from then you should put a short note in his journal for his teacher. You might show him a different way than his teacher and then he will be even more confused, there will probably be others in the same boat and it´s better for the teacher to know this.

Maths Homework           reply
14/05/2007 17:45 - Homework
Does anyone know where I can find help on teaching a 7 year old maths using the new curriculum. They are doing addition greater than 20 i.e. numbers where you would normally carry your ´1´ over from the units and add it to the tens. The homework sheet that we got tonight is complicated and my child doesn´t understand it and neither do I, so I cannot explain it to her. Is there a resource online for parents that would demonstrate the way maths is taught these days, as I do not wish to confuse my child.

Many thanks

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