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Marlay Park Playgrounds

Marlay Park Playgrounds           reply
26/06/2007 19:46 - Miscellaneous
I am wondering does anyone agree with me that both the play areas in Marlay are unusable by small children for a number of reasons.
In the toddler playground the children slip and slide on the stones which end up on the path. Also the edge of the lowered area is treacherous. I have slipped on it myself.
Coupled with this the stones are very dusty and clothes end up filthy. But the main problem is that small children get stones in sandals constantly and want them taken off. Hence one can t visit in summer without pre planning and wearing shoes.
Similar problems exist in the old playground with the added problem that the depth of the stones will not permit a buggy to be pushed along making supervision of older kids really hard when you have a baby in a buggy.
Contacted the council playground planner who said she did not see the issue and that I was the only parent to complain!!!!
Excellent surfaces on playgrounds include Greystones,Tymon,Cabinteely,Sallynoggin. They are covered in clean (ish!!) safe sponge.
Anyone agree or feel like getting a petition going??

re : Marlay Park Playgrounds           reply
26/06/2007 20:39 - Miscellaneous
Have been to Marlay park a few times with my kids who aren´t toddlers and they love it. However now that you mention it I wouldn´t have gone there when they were toddlers as I felt it was hard to keep a proper eye on them if you have more then one and there were too many ways they could hurt themselves if unsupervised. I remember going once with a buggy and the stones were a pain! We don´t actually live in the area so not sure there would be any point in getting involved in a petition. Why don´t you mention it to a few of the local residents associations or playgroups and see if you can get some support there.

re : Marlay Park Playgrounds           reply
27/06/2007 13:05 - Miscellaneous
My kids went on a school picnic today to Marlay Park. You should see the state they came home from the mucky stones in the playground. I know the ground is wet from all the rain but the dust from the stones really added to the mess!

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