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Left out of birthday party

Left out of birthday party           reply
07/02/2013 22:51 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, would like some advice please about my 7 year old child....
has had a ´best friend´ since senior infants, been on play dates etc, until last october when mother came to me saying my child had been bossy and loud with her son who was getting upset and she would like me to speak with mine,she said she was coming to me first before she goes to the school. I spoke with mine, who apologised and all seemed okay till the mother aproached my child in school yard a week later and threatened that she would go to teacher & principle if it didn´t child came home upset and I was upset by this turn of events as I hope you can understand and went to the school to complain where it turned out the mother had already gone to see their teacher a month before!!!! I could not understand why I wasn´t contacted if my child was causing problems but was assured that there was no problem that they could see.They contacted the mother and dealt with the rest of the issues....and we have not spoken since...
Please remember these children are only 7 years in age....
They are best friends again, but my child has been really upset all week and crying to-day as he has not been invited to his best friends birthday party....and other children in the class have .....
what do I say to reasure him that he is liked and not hated by everyone!!!! I am lost and heartbroken that he feels like this...should I just ignore the situation and hope it blows over ???
Any advice you could give would be greatly appricated.

re : Left out of birthday party           reply
08/02/2013 16:33 - Ask Mother Hen
It sounds like you need mediation! We have to remember that the children are the important ones here, and they seem to be able to get along fine most of the time, in fact, they´re best buddies. For their sakes, I wonder if you could approach the other mother and try to find peace? Understandably she wants to protect her child from hurt too. However, children will never be perfect, and there will always be differences and squabbles that they will have to learn to deal with. You are doing right, your son needs lots of reassurance and support as he feels left out and hurt. I wonder if any of the teachers have some mediation skills? Is there anyone who could be the neutral person so that you can have a calm negotiation with this mother to come to some arrangement so that your children can be friends? If not, its still worth a try yourself; appeal to her on the basis that you´re doing this for the children, you want to support their friendship and be able to have play-dates. If they fall-out themselves, so be it, but let it be themselves that decide. Best of luck!

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