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Important: Allergy Management in Secondary Schools

re : Important: Allergy Management in Secondary Schools           reply
08/10/2015 13:46 - Childrens Health
The aims of the project: The project is called ´Allergy and Chronic Illness Management in Secondary Schools´ and it is a final year thesis project. Allergy has become a growing public health issue for society affecting at least one-quarter of European school children. Food allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and milk are the leading cause of anaphylaxis. Approximately 20% of anaphylactic reactions occur for the first time in European schools. In Ireland, an estimated 5-6% of young adults have food allergy. The safety and protection of the allergic student in school against allergen risk and the prevention of anaphylaxis is of high importance for quality of life and education. In addition to allergies, a large percentage of our young adults suffer other illnesses from diabetes to asthma. The aim of this study would be to assess the policies implemented in out secondary schools to manage these issues and hopefully begin the journey of improving and implementing the systems in Ireland and encouraging all schools to have the same system in place.
What will be required of the participants: Survey: Less than 10 minutes of your time to complete a short online survey surrounding the allergy and chronic illnesses system in place in participant’s child’s school (in case of parent), or in the school participant works in (in case of Principal or teacher)
Statement of confidentiality: All information reading the participants identity and identity of school is strictly confidential. No names of participants or schools will be published, only the County in which the school is situated. In terms of interviews, only the student researcher: Sinead Kelly and her supervisor Orla Cahill will have access to personal information. In terms of surveys, the surveys are filled out online, anonymously and no personal information is available to the researcher or supervisor. The information will be used purely for statistics in the research project. Participants are offered the opportunity to review the research material, including eg. Interview transcripts before publishing.
Statement of voluntary participation: Participation is completely voluntary, participants are free to withdraw at any time without prejudice or negative consequences. Any risks such as confidentiality, as mentioned above, are controlled to the best of our ability as mentioned. The benefits to participating in this study include helping to draw attention to a national issue whereby no constant system is in place for schools, potentially putting children with allergies or chronic illnesses at risk whilst at school. This study may potentially start a journey to changing and fixing this issue for the benefit of children.
Contact details of the investigators should the participant require further information: Student Researcher: Name: Sinead Kelly, Email address:
College Supervisor of student researcher: Name: Orla Cahill, Email Address:
Contact details of the DIT Research Ethics Committee should participants wish to make a complaint on ethical grounds:
This project has been approved by the DIT Research Ethics Committee.

Important: Allergy Management in Secondary Schools           reply
08/10/2015 13:44 - Childrens Health
Hello, I am a final year student in Dublin Institute of Technology, I am doing a research project on Allergy and Chronic Illness Management in Secondary Schools.
There is currently no government led policy in Ireland, constant for all schools, and it is a massive problem, we are way behind other European countries and the UK and it is putting children with allergies at risk.
For more information on this project, please see the information sheet attached.

If you are a parent/guardian of a child with an allergy, currently in secondary school in Ireland, it would be a big step forward if you could fill out this very short survey:
If you have a particular interest in this issue and wish to carry out a short interview by phone, you can email me at:

I will also release surveys regarding chronic illnesses such as Diabetes and Asthma in secondary schools in another post.

Thank you

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