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Homework for 3rd class in primary school

re : Homework for 3rd class in primary school           reply
04/09/2008 15:36 - Homework
I am a Primary School teacher and for the past two years I have had 3rd class. I usually gave my class around a half an hours homework each night as this was the school policy at the time. I currently have 6th and they are getting approx. 1 hours homework each evening. I personally think that the ´´4 hours homework´´ is obviously unacceptable for a third class teacher to give his/her children, but I would approach the teacher in a nice way and just mention it to her that your son came home saying he had to spend this amount of time each night at homework. However, I have had the experience of it myself, where a mother comes in, ready to give out to me over something I am meant to have said, which resulted in the end to us finding out that the child had totally picked it up wrong!!!!

re : Homework for 3rd class in primary school           reply
03/09/2008 15:54 - Homework
Our kids only do around 1 hours homework in 6th class so 4 hours in 3rd class is definitely excessive. It would be worth asking a few other parents from your kids class as to how much their kids are doing. 4 hours per night would be more appropriate to junior or leaving certificate students!

re : Homework for 3rd class in primary school           reply
03/09/2008 15:06 - Homework
In reply to your post. My son has just started 3rd class too. Our school recommends 3rd/4th class 45 minutes per day, and stress that its quality rather then quantity. Parents are advised that when they feel that the recommended time as been spent, the homework journal should be signed. These guidelines are set out in their homework policy. Maybe you should find out if your school has such a policy. 4 hours sould excessive, maybe you could clarify with your sons teacher. Good luck.

re... : Homework for 3rd class in primary school           reply
14/09/2008 22:50 - Homework
Thanks for all the responses. I think my son must have picked it up wrong with the four hours homework ... however .... he has been getting about 90 minutes - 2 hours every night ! Thats not even mentioning the studying for the maths, english and irish tests that he gets every Friday ! As if he doesnt have enough to do, he´s being forced to rule margins in copies that are already have margins but this teacher wants them a certain colour ! Then if he does something wrong, instead of explaining the mistake so that he does it right the next time, the teacher simply insists on redoing everything ! Its soul destroying to watch a boy who loved school and would always take part in class, slowly but surely have any enjoyment taken away. He hates school these days. He has made loads of new friends in the school but if you talk to any of them or their parents there´s a common theme ....... the teacher and the homework. My son was never any sort of child genius but he always took part and tried his best. These days he´s so stressed with the workload being forced onto him. .... and he´s only 8 !!!! He shouldnt even know the word stress !! He came from a school where they used the "carrot" method of teaching and encouraged the kids. Now it seems that he must get used to the "stick" method at this medieval establishment and its "old school" teaching methods. I think I´m going to have to make a stand because this is getting way out of control but I´m just worried that the teacher will blame my son and start picking on him.

Homework for 3rd class in primary school           reply
03/09/2008 13:29 - Homework
My 8 year old has just started in a new school. He is in 3rd class. He was one of the "brighter kids in the class" in his old school with great report cards. On his first day he came home with homework and seems to have had loads every day since. We tried asking him about it and he said the teacher told the class they should be doing 4 hours homework each night !? I will follow this up with the teacher as I think he must have picked her up wrong. We sat for about 3 hours last night with a short break for dinner .... am I wrong in thinking this is excessive for 8 year olds ? Does anyone have eny advice on how to deal with this ?

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