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Help Please

re... : Help Please           reply
12/10/2010 06:38 - Homework
thanks I have googled it and there was was a sight for irish conversations and it was great.

re... : Help Please           reply
13/10/2010 17:40 - Homework
I´m sure the teacher would be more than reasonable if you sent the note.

Help Please           reply
11/10/2010 14:11 - Homework
My eldest son is in 6th class and has to write a conversation in Irish two pages long no spaces between parts. Then, when he has done that write it again in proper grammar.

Now for me this is way too much for 6th class especially if we don´t understand the langague either. We are from England. The last time this happened it took us past 10pm to finish all his homework because we have to look up words that we don´t know. So if any of you can give me help and guidence on this I would appreciate it thanks and asap.

re : Help Please           reply
12/10/2010 09:01 - Homework
Hi Zoe.
While I think it is important that your son make a good attempt at doing the homework it would be unfair (and I don´t think the teacher would expect it) for him to spend 2 - 3 hours on just the Irish. If your son spends an hour on his Irish homework (and that´s a lot of time in 6th class) I would provide him with a note to accompany his homework letting the teacher know how much time he spent and that there was too much work involved to complete the homework given his level of Irish. If it is an ongoing problem, it would be a good idea to make contact with the teacher to see how he could help/support your son or perhaps adjust the homework requirements.

re : Help Please           reply
11/10/2010 22:20 - Homework
not being bad but you could always use google translater for some of it because I agree a bit much for 6th class.

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