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20/02/2017 18:02 - Miscellaneous
Is it standard home insurance your looking for a property you own or live in?

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19/02/2017 15:12 - Miscellaneous
Hello I would like to register for home insurance. Could anybody help me? Where can I apply?

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23/02/2017 22:50 - Miscellaneous
Hi i mean I´m looking for home insurance for childminders? Is it like normal home insurance or is it different one for childminders registered? And where can I apply?

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24/02/2017 08:47 - Miscellaneous
Have you notified/registered with your county childcare committee and revenue? You can´t say your insured but not declaring your income. Best get these three things sorted together.
Yes some home insurance policy cover two kids for free and a tiny few will entertain three, normally for a fee. Request a letter off them stating whats covered (and show parents). If your renting you need inform your landlord.
Childminding Ireland is 155euro a year but do check with your current company as with many your not house insured if you have CI policy. Iv had move insurance company to have CI policy. Kidd insurance offer this CI policy as well as home insurance packages but are outrageous. Some find having a broker one gets a better price but I left mine about two years and now sort it all myself.
Unfortunately childminding from your house the insurance companies know they can overcharge one and do so.

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26/02/2017 11:23 - Miscellaneous
Thank you. So first at all I need to register with revenue and childminders committed? How is working just go to revenue and say I want register for childminders or?

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26/02/2017 11:27 - Miscellaneous
Yes, ring or email revenue and say you want to register as self-employed. Do alot research, its a big step with too many overheads if things don´t work out. Then again nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ring childcare committee in your county and they´ll do a visit and advise re your home and will notify you if they happy. They are great for advice.
Are you currently minding?

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28/02/2017 10:27 - Miscellaneous
im not minding at the moment but i wish soon, i need to do few things paperworks around it.

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