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Have I made a mistake?

Have I made a mistake?           reply
19/04/2015 10:14 - Ask Mother Hen
I made a decision last year not to put my March born son into school till he was 5 and a half. Now that September is approaching I am panicking that I made a mistake and maybe I should put him in this September when he is 4 and a half. I was thinking about the long term when I made the decision, going into secondary school at 12.5, leaving school at 17 etc. seems too young to me and I didn´t want him to be the youngest in the class. He has an older brother who is in Junior Infants this year so he does have great social skills, able to put on his coat etc. and his montessori say he is "ready". Another reason I am questioning my decision is that he gets on really well with his little classmates in monstessori at the moment. He is the type to chat to everyone and has lots of friends. Always wanting to hang around after and play with everyone. He also can get on with his older brothers friends. There´s only 19 months between them. I am worried that he won´t get on as well with the kids who are a bit younger than him and he will be sad to see his friends move on from this year. I´m so confused! I thought I was doing the right thing but now I don´t know. On the other hand he is a little bit more spirited :-) than his older brother and I´m afraid of him getting in trouble in a class where there are 30 children and maybe that will improve if he is a bit older. Another reason I was holding him was I thought it would be better if the boys were 2 years apart at school also. I feel like I´m going round in circles. Help!

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