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Hates School.

re : Hates School.           reply
16/04/2010 03:31 - Teenage Issues
hey, i recently went to this school, and as much as i had a great laugh with the teachers and students, i couldn´t get out to school, i tried everything, i went to youth workers, the principal Mr. p coffee, and several other people, i eventually went back with a little encouragement but shortly after i left again, she doesn´t hate school, maybe she´s afraid to go, or she´s being bullied, or going through changes.

maybe schools not challenging enough for her.

re... : Hates School.           reply
21/01/2011 16:17 - Teenage Issues
Yes, have you discussed with her why exactly she hates school (or are you just getting grunts like "hate it").

She could be being bullied.
She could not be challenged enough
Could be dyslexic (but it hasn´t been picked up on)

Once you find out some reasons why she doesn´t want to go, you might be able to help her out.

Hates School.           reply
19/09/2008 08:30 - Teenage Issues
My daughter hates school. I have brought her to see a psychologist and have now been discharged but am back at square one. She is 15 and has just scrapped by her junior. The arguments that are here in the morning are terrible and nothing works. She will go in on the odd day and like this morning just refuse and nothing including blackmail works. Between the arguments, tears, praise, blackmail, encouragement...I have tried them all to no avail. Where do I go from here and am I the only one that has this problem ? I am really at my wits end and feel I have done a horrible job.

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