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Handwriting           reply
28/07/2010 12:41 - Ask Mother Hen

My 11 year old son has terrible handwriting - not just the quality of handwriting but his organisation and presentation. It is difficult to read. I have tried to sit with him and help him improve his work but it just reverts back. Are there any specific things I can do - any books or workbooks that could help. Thanks.

re : Handwriting           reply
28/07/2010 16:23 - Ask Mother Hen
you could get some copies with the red and blue lines which help with sizing letters and get him to practice with those. You can also search the internet for a program called ´Handwriting Without Tears´. This is a program that is used to teach teachers, parents etc., skills to help children with their handwriting. They sell many books on the subject and also run workshops - check the internet for details.
As it is almost back to school time, I would also talk to his teacher at the beginning of the year. He/She may be able to give you some advice and also get involved in improving his handwriting.
Talk further to his teacher and if he still has problems, you could consider seeking further support from an occupational therapist. Again, research the internet for information.
I hope this helps.

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