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First time Mammy

First time Mammy           reply
20/10/2014 17:20 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Wexford)
Hi there my DD(4.5yrs) has just started primary school, no major problems to start with, however her best friend from montessori has seemed to have moved on and won´t let her play with her anymore!!! If I´m honest I think it´s effecting me a little more than DD😕 I would bring her friend home some days and have seen her blank her on way out to car....seems to b when others are there! Am I reading too much into it? Should I just let it go....?

re : First time Mammy           reply
22/10/2014 10:15 - Introduce Yourself
Ah feel for you... My daughter is 20 now and those memories are still as fresh in my mind... She was afraid to go out into yard... And like that there were a couple of girls who would include her and a few who wouldn´t... Encourage her to talk to others and she will find her way... I used to say to my daughter that´s it´s ok just to have one or two friends..we all want to protect them but she will be fine..

re : First time Mammy           reply
20/02/2015 23:35 - Introduce Yourself
My daughter starting in September and I have the fair she will be losing her best friend did you try inviting the friend of your daughter for sleepover on weekend maybe a Friday after school I´m going try keep my daughter with her best mate as she be so lonely without her best mate. Maybe try get them reconnected outside and it will work in school. Hope I helped.

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