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First time Childminder, please help

re : First time Childminder, please help           reply
05/06/2012 08:10 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi if you are looking after children in their own home, you should at least be getting the minimum wage per hour id say 380 at least,and they should also be paying your prsi & tax etc because they are your employer. . ,and if its ur car that you are using they should be paying your petrol.if your using your car to pick up from a creche and to also take the little girl places you need to ask for the money to cover petrol costs ,i think its a bit strange how they want you to provide the will be covering there costs on feeding the kids
also they will have to register as an employer and

First time Childminder, please help           reply
12/05/2012 18:08 - Ask Mother Hen
Hello all,

I am hoping to get some advice on being a childminder. I just completed FETAC Level 5 Childcare with Special Needs course and got offered a job to mind 2 children (4yo boy and 2yo girl) in their own home, 5 days a week 8am-6pm. Currently, they both attend a crèche full time. The 4yo boy will attend local preschool in September 5 days a week for 3 hrs each day. The 2yo girl will be at home at all times for at least 1 yr. The parents would like me to start July or August to get the children into the routine being with a childminder before September comes.

I have never been a childminder before so I really need advice on how much to charge. The parents has said that they are willing to pay 250 euro/week which I am not sure of. The amount includes meals, outdoor activity (to the park by car etc) and preschool runs (the preschool is within walking distance but depending on weather).

I am currently doing a part time job in a nursery but I don’t have any childminding experience but 50 euro/ day to mind 2 children for 10 hrs including meals and occasional car usage seems too little perhaps? The parents would like me to arrange activity everyday for the 2yo girl because she won’t be attending crèche which is understandable. I plan to provide all perishable materials for the activities anyways so I need to include that expenses into my salary.

How much should I get paid considering all the information I just described? Does it depend on location (Midlands)? I dont mind flat rate as long as Im not paid too little. What about tax and PRSI? What about holidays, do childminders get paid during hols? Are childminders entitled to paid days off? God forbid, but if a child had an accident under my watch, what will happen?


re : First time Chidminder, please help           reply
06/06/2012 07:42 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi - agree with above reply. €250 for minding 2 children in their own home is not enough, as previous reply you should be paid at least minimum wage for minding in their own home, prsi tax etc. They sound like they are looking for creche arrangements but not paying the price, or looking for a Nanny! Best of luck

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